God’s Blueprint

My heart was confused. My mind let Satan play tricks on me. My journey after graduation was nothing like I pictured. Working retail is something I never expected doing with a college degree.

God why on earth did you bring me here? Am I being punished for some reason? Are you trying to teach me something? 

In fact, God was teaching me something…patience, friendship, hardship, humility, dedication, discipleship, and empowerment. Little did I know, I needed retail to get me to where I am today.

I went through an enormous amount of change within this past month and I’ve wanted to tell you all about it, but I wanted it to be perfect. But no matter how I tell this, God’s story and testimony is ALWAYS perfect because He created it. So…long story short, He gave me a big girl job đŸ™‚ Not in my timing, but His perfect timing. After 5 months at Athleta, God opened a door I was longing for. Little did I know, He was working behind the scenes the entire time.

Early on in my retail career I interviewed with Louisiana-Pacific Corporation. I did not get the job and questioned God. I felt like I was so right for the position and it was exactly what I went to school for (so in my head, how could they not want me haha). After this, I stopped looking for a job. Athleta helped me pay the bills and I was in the midst of creating lasting friendships…so I was content. After a few months pasted, I felt the urge that content didn’t fit in my vocabulary. But this urge didn’t nudge me to look for another job, but PUSHED me into alignment with God. In these moments, my church started a series called “Awaken”. This involved all of the churches in Nashville coming together to start a movement. Praying for the lost, the weak, the broken. Giving up something that took your attention away from your relationship with God. You name it, Nashville prayed it. In this movement, they talked about fasting. I never fasted before and never really felt the urge to fast. But one morning, I woke up to late to eat breakfast (me…everyday haha). On my way to Athleta, I thought about what I would eat that day for lunch and dinner and then all the sudden I heard, Why don’t you just fast today? Whoa! What! Not eat ALL DAY! How on earth! It’s simple. When you’re hungry, pray. When I heard that it started to click…so what did I do…not eat all day. As an athlete that is unheard of, but lucky for me I had been failing at working out so it was actually the perfect time (funny how God works that way!)

So as I am going about my day, not really hungry surprisingly, I get this call. Al from Louisiana-Pacific. What the what?! God what are you doing! He called me to ASK me to apply for a position that recently opened. I didn’t seek out this position, but God was silently working behind the curtain from my very first encounter with LP. I was the final interview on a Friday, and that following week on a Thursday, I got THE call. Whit, we’d love to have you as part of our team. Tears of complete joy and praise!! I formed lasting friendships at Athleta that were not going anywhere once I left and I was more secure in God’s life for me.

God’s. Perfect. Timing.

I come to you today with this journey to show you that if you aren’t where you expected or feel like you deserve more in a relationship, friendship, career, literally anything…I PROMISE you God is working quietly in the shadows for your good. 1 Peter 5:10 says,

“And the God of all grace, who called you to his eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will himself restore you and make you strong, firm, and steadfast.”

I love that God says, “suffered a little while”. God doesn’t specify how long we will suffer or grieve, but God’s promise is to in the end make us strong, firm, and steadfast. So we must do what God calls us to do even in the midst of suffer. Everyone’s suffering is unique and our pain is acknowledged differently. But choose to look at the joy in life…you get the amazing opportunity to spend eternal life with Christ up in Heaven where there is NO suffering!!!! Take that joy you feel when you are surrounded by friends or family, or when you look at a million puppy pictures on Instagram, then times it by more than you can count. That’s the joy that is waiting for you.

So just know, He has the blueprint to your life already worked out…all you have to do is trust and believe that He wants what is best for you everyday in every moment.

I hope and pray this inspires you to give it 110% every. single. day. You never know whose blueprint you may be a part of.