Move, So God Will Move

Today has me thinking…how do we know God is moving in our lives? Sometimes He’s silent and sometimes He’s flamboyantly loud. During this past season of my life I feel as if God has been here and there. Sometimes He’s waving his hands rapidly in the air trying to show me something and other times He doesn’t say a word. I keep thinking to myself, Why isn’t God moving? After something drastic changed in my life, why do I feel like I am sitting in a waiting season?  I’ve thought about this before in times I need to make a big decision and God sits quietly, like He’s waiting for me to make the big decision without Him. The problem is, we sometimes don’t take the time to sit and listen.

We live a hustle and bustle type of lifestyle and feel like God will just follow along in our busy schedules. I sometimes overwhelm myself with how much I need to do in a day, that I don’t give myself the down time needed to hear God. I constantly need background noise (weird I know). But seriously, I always have music or Friends on in the background. I find it extremely difficult for me to sit in silence. But over the past couple of weeks I learned how to sit and appreciate the silence. I am still working on it, but from this I learned that if it seems God isn’t moving in our lives, maybe it’s because He is waiting on us to move. WOW! That hit me so hard when I first heard that…Whitney slow down and feel my presence. Y’all, I am here to tell you that making the first move won’t be easy. It might actually be really tough for you and awkward. But, GOD WILL MEET YOU WHERE YOU’RE AT! How powerful! No matter what stage of life you’re in, He will meet you in the depths of sorrow and depression all the way to feeling like you’ve got everything figured out. You could be 100 years old and never know Jesus, but if you just make a simple step forward towards the gracious, caring, loving, and most humbling God, your life WILL be changed.

I am a big believer in God using you how He wants for however long you are here on earth. He has a special timeline for you…everyone’s being unique. Your’s won’t look like the next person or the next person. God moves in each individual life differently. At my Bible study this week, we were taking prayer request towards the end and a sweet girl named Lauren asked for us to pray for her friend who had her baby at 30 weeks and lost it within 24 hours. How incredibly sad, yet extremely amazing that is. How powerful is it that God can use someone within 24 hours to change the world. He needed that baby to be born for 24 hours to make an imprint on this world. Imagine what God could do if we took that step toward and extended our hands for God to guide us through our life. If he can change the world through one baby in 24 hours, think how you could impact this world in the entire amount of time you’ve been alive. For me, that’s around 200,000 hours (give or take). That’s a whole lot of world changing! An incredible woman stated, “If you’re not dead, God isn’t done.” Holy moly! For me that’s like a freight training tumbling through my life. If I’m not dead, God’s not done. This can be hard to take. But you are made for a purpose. You are put on this earth for a purpose. The circumstances around you don’t have to change for YOU to change. Look up and breath in the air God gives you. Close your eyes and feel God’s presence next to you. Imagine what your life could be like fully devoted to God. Giving your relationships, jobs, money, living situations, everything to Him. It won’t be an easy road. You may get backlash from people who want to challenge you, but in those moments look to God because He will guide your steps and soften your heart. I still don’t know everything about God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. I still have many many questions…but that’s okay. You don’t have to have everything figured out before you take your first steps. Just put your trust in God and He will do the rest.

I pray you find peace, love, and guidance from this. I pray God speaks to you in this moment, and meets you exactly where you are. I pray for your journey and pray you know how important you are to this world, the people around you and who may not even know you. I pray you find your purpose and go full tilt towards changing the world for God’s glory.

Until next time,





Jesus replied, “You do not realize what I am doing, but later you will understand. ” 

John 13:7

Happy Saturday my people! It is the first weekend of our new year and we all have different resolutions, paths, relationships, meaning, and timelines. We have thoughts about how 2019 will pan out, but I had dreams and aspirations for how 2018 would go, but my timeline won’t always look like God’s timeline for my life. I am sitting here at my most favorite coffee shop (Frothy Monkey), and am honestly speechless. For those of you who know me, it is incredibly hard for me to be speechless. I am overwhelmed by how my timeline and God’s timeline for my life are completely different, yet perfectly in sync. Did I believe I would be ringing in the new year without my other half by my side, absolutely not. But instead I rang it in with my friends and family who mean the world to me, giving me a different perspective to the new year.

Recently, I have been reading “Remember God”, by Annie F. Downs, and she so graciously put into perspective many of the things I have been feeling lately. Frustrated, sad, down, unwanted. All of these things whispered into my ear at the end 2018, making it a fight to get out of bed in the morning, write, workout, and even be with friends. But once again, God’s timeline is always the best for our life. Little did I know that the end of my softball career, the end of a relationship, and graduation were all leading me into a life of teaching, leading, and coaching a young, spunky group of girls into the beginning of their softball careers, learning more about myself and God, and creating new, lasting friendships.

Sometimes, we look at our pasts and realize that our lives are pure God moving. Other times we look back and ask, “God where are you?”. This question can turn into a spiral of other questions, but when we don’t see God moving in our life, we tend to shut Him out (at least I did). We see Him working in other people’s lives and wonder why not mine. But we come back to the process of His timeline, not ours. Sometimes God goes silent in our lives to teach us certain things or to ask the tough questions we normally would not ask if He was radiating change in our lives. For me, I stopped writing and doing my daily devotionals. I poured my pain into just “getting through the day”. But I recently learned to look at the little things God does for you. Did he open up a parking spot next to the door when it is raining? Did he save you from a car wreck? Did he put a smile on your face from a dad joke? It may seem silly, but finding the small things God gives you reminds you He is always there, maybe just not in the way you think He should be.

Going into 2019, I want to appreciate the little things. I want to improve my mental and physical health. I want to let God in control of my timeline, instead of me trying to fix every little detail. I want this year to be a “New Year, New Perspective” kind of year.

I challenge you to be in the moment. Build relationships and meet new people. Go out of your way to be kind to someone. Lead your generation. Be a man or woman of God. And let God build your timeline.

Love y’all as always.

XO, TheWhitness


He’s Not Done With Me Yet

It’s been awhile since I’ve written, but my eyes have recently seen new light and I believe it can help anyone in all steps of life. So here is my story…

This past weekend I was driving home to Bloomington and fell asleep at the wheel. I swerved a couple of times and my tale end hit the wall. I somehow did some James Bond action and perfectly stopped on the right shoulder facing the other direction. My heart was pounding and my hands shook a million miles per minute. Over the uncontrollable crying, I screamed THANK YOU! God saved me. I could easily be in the hospital or worse. But, He saved me. He thought it’d be funny to throw in a little James Bond throughout all the chaos.

I’ve experienced moments of the unknown. I don’t know what God wants from me. I don’t know my purpose of this part of my life. Where am I suppose to go from here? I know that I have a purpose in this life and tend to give it my all, but I don’t, or I guess didn’t know what my purpose is right now. Am I suppose to be some magnificent writer someday? Why am I injured? Is softball suppose to continue for me? So many thoughts run through my head daily, but God’s not done with me yet. After the accident, I finally collected myself and God told me he’s not finished with me yet. I’m here for a soul purpose. Whether that be sitting at home writing these blogs for the soul purpose of bringing joy to this world or to be a famous broadcaster. I’m not really sure where to go from here, but I do know that if God was done with me, I wouldn’t have made it out of that accident. I could easily put this into a negative, but I choose to look at it like a wake up call, although Riggly might’ve just seen it as this girl is trying to kill me. LOL


Many of you may be struggling through some of the same stuff or far beyond worse. But I’m here to tell you that YOU HAVE A PURPOSE. God will call you home when he is good and ready.

Love y’all tremendously! Keep on keepin’ on…it was good to talk to you again!


Help Those Who Hurt.

“He comforts us is all our troubles so that we can comfort others. When they are troubled, we will be able to give them the same comfort God gave us.” -2 Corinthians 1:4

Alright, I’m just going to lay this out there…we all have hurt. You are never quite sure when it is going to happen or for how long it is going to happen, but there is hurt in this world. Personally, I experienced hurt over the past two softball seasons. I continued to look down upon myself and was not playing to the best of my ability because I felt like others didn’t have confidence in me. I slowly realized that was not the case. God gave me hurt for a reason. He was not doing it to punish me, he was doing it so I could help someone else going through something similar sprout out of the rut of hurt and despair.

The afternoon after doing my morning devotional on this very topic, God gave me the chance to help someone who was hurting. I was on my way to a catching lessons and I was going over in my head what I wanted to do. I knew I wanted to sit her down and have a coach to player conversation about having confidence. Little did I know it would turn into an hour and a half conversation between two friends who have and are going through the same struggles. God gave me that talk to comfort her with the struggles she was going through and give her some insight on how I was able to get out of those same struggles in my life. 2 Corinthians 1:4 couldn’t have been a more perfect bible verse for that situation.

Today, thinking about how God works his astounding moments and timing all perfectly still warms my heart and gives me chills to this day. I know that hurt is something nobody wants to experience, because honestly it does stink to feel like your heart is ripping or you feel like you have no more tears left, but I promise you that God is doing it for a reason. Although you may not know that reason yet, God will have the perfect way to show you.

So for this Motivational Monday, I motivate you to take your hurt and comfort those around you who may be experiencing the same thing. YOU CAN DO IT ☻

theWhitness ♡


Hey Guys, I’m Whitney!


Hey guys, I’m Whitney! I am a college student at Tennessee State University located in Nashville, TN and living the dream of playing college softball. One of my most dominant characteristics is being outgoing. I enjoy getting to know new people and creating lasting relationships. Because of this characteristic I have decided to major in communications in hopes of pursuing a career in sideline reporting.

I have created this blog for faith, softball and coffee. Weird combination huh?

One of my new years resolution was to become a better Christian and I thought I’d share experiences, lessons, verses and many more faith-based topics to encourage my readers along their journeys.

Not many people get the inside scoop of what it is like to play a Division 1 sport, so I’d like to take you on a journey behind the scenes of some funny, serious, encouraging and family based experiences of what it’s like to be a Tiger.

Coffee. This is a weakness of mine. I enjoy roaming the city of Nashville finding cozy, unique coffee shops to drink my coffee and study on my time off. So I’d like to give you a glimpse into the delicious encounters and their amazing stories behind how the coffee shops came to be.

I hope this has helped you understand me, as a person and writer, a little better and you will jump in on these crazy, fun experiences with me!

Love always,

theWhitness ✌