Move, So God Will Move

Today has me thinking…how do we know God is moving in our lives? Sometimes He’s silent and sometimes He’s flamboyantly loud. During this past season of my life I feel as if God has been here and there. Sometimes He’s waving his hands rapidly in the air trying to show me something and other times He doesn’t say a word. I keep thinking to myself, Why isn’t God moving? After something drastic changed in my life, why do I feel like I am sitting in a waiting season?  I’ve thought about this before in times I need to make a big decision and God sits quietly, like He’s waiting for me to make the big decision without Him. The problem is, we sometimes don’t take the time to sit and listen.

We live a hustle and bustle type of lifestyle and feel like God will just follow along in our busy schedules. I sometimes overwhelm myself with how much I need to do in a day, that I don’t give myself the down time needed to hear God. I constantly need background noise (weird I know). But seriously, I always have music or Friends on in the background. I find it extremely difficult for me to sit in silence. But over the past couple of weeks I learned how to sit and appreciate the silence. I am still working on it, but from this I learned that if it seems God isn’t moving in our lives, maybe it’s because He is waiting on us to move. WOW! That hit me so hard when I first heard that…Whitney slow down and feel my presence. Y’all, I am here to tell you that making the first move won’t be easy. It might actually be really tough for you and awkward. But, GOD WILL MEET YOU WHERE YOU’RE AT! How powerful! No matter what stage of life you’re in, He will meet you in the depths of sorrow and depression all the way to feeling like you’ve got everything figured out. You could be 100 years old and never know Jesus, but if you just make a simple step forward towards the gracious, caring, loving, and most humbling God, your life WILL be changed.

I am a big believer in God using you how He wants for however long you are here on earth. He has a special timeline for you…everyone’s being unique. Your’s won’t look like the next person or the next person. God moves in each individual life differently. At my Bible study this week, we were taking prayer request towards the end and a sweet girl named Lauren asked for us to pray for her friend who had her baby at 30 weeks and lost it within 24 hours. How incredibly sad, yet extremely amazing that is. How powerful is it that God can use someone within 24 hours to change the world. He needed that baby to be born for 24 hours to make an imprint on this world. Imagine what God could do if we took that step toward and extended our hands for God to guide us through our life. If he can change the world through one baby in 24 hours, think how you could impact this world in the entire amount of time you’ve been alive. For me, that’s around 200,000 hours (give or take). That’s a whole lot of world changing! An incredible woman stated, “If you’re not dead, God isn’t done.” Holy moly! For me that’s like a freight training tumbling through my life. If I’m not dead, God’s not done. This can be hard to take. But you are made for a purpose. You are put on this earth for a purpose. The circumstances around you don’t have to change for YOU to change. Look up and breath in the air God gives you. Close your eyes and feel God’s presence next to you. Imagine what your life could be like fully devoted to God. Giving your relationships, jobs, money, living situations, everything to Him. It won’t be an easy road. You may get backlash from people who want to challenge you, but in those moments look to God because He will guide your steps and soften your heart. I still don’t know everything about God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. I still have many many questions…but that’s okay. You don’t have to have everything figured out before you take your first steps. Just put your trust in God and He will do the rest.

I pray you find peace, love, and guidance from this. I pray God speaks to you in this moment, and meets you exactly where you are. I pray for your journey and pray you know how important you are to this world, the people around you and who may not even know you. I pray you find your purpose and go full tilt towards changing the world for God’s glory.

Until next time,




  1. Rita Carranza · January 18, 2019

    Another great message Whitney. Thank you!!


  2. Tracy K · February 11

    Thank you for your post. I needed to hear this. Thanks


    • thewhitness2 · February 11

      So happy it could reach you and speak to you! That is all I pray that God puts my writings into the right hands! I hope you have a blessed week!

      Liked by 1 person

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