He’s Not Done With Me Yet

It’s been awhile since I’ve written, but my eyes have recently seen new light and I believe it can help anyone in all steps of life. So here is my story…

This past weekend I was driving home to Bloomington and fell asleep at the wheel. I swerved a couple of times and my tale end hit the wall. I somehow did some James Bond action and perfectly stopped on the right shoulder facing the other direction. My heart was pounding and my hands shook a million miles per minute. Over the uncontrollable crying, I screamed THANK YOU! God saved me. I could easily be in the hospital or worse. But, He saved me. He thought it’d be funny to throw in a little James Bond throughout all the chaos.

I’ve experienced moments of the unknown. I don’t know what God wants from me. I don’t know my purpose of this part of my life. Where am I suppose to go from here? I know that I have a purpose in this life and tend to give it my all, but I don’t, or I guess didn’t know what my purpose is right now. Am I suppose to be some magnificent writer someday? Why am I injured? Is softball suppose to continue for me? So many thoughts run through my head daily, but God’s not done with me yet. After the accident, I finally collected myself and God told me he’s not finished with me yet. I’m here for a soul purpose. Whether that be sitting at home writing these blogs for the soul purpose of bringing joy to this world or to be a famous broadcaster. I’m not really sure where to go from here, but I do know that if God was done with me, I wouldn’t have made it out of that accident. I could easily put this into a negative, but I choose to look at it like a wake up call, although Riggly might’ve just seen it as this girl is trying to kill me. LOL


Many of you may be struggling through some of the same stuff or far beyond worse. But I’m here to tell you that YOU HAVE A PURPOSE. God will call you home when he is good and ready.

Love y’all tremendously! Keep on keepin’ on…it was good to talk to you again!