Lessons Learned.

Now that school has come to a close and we are enjoying our tan soaked skin, lake days and iced coffee on a warm summer day, I reflect on what I have learned over the past year. Some lessons are good and some lessons came with a cost. But as I look back I’ve realized that they all have made me into a better person and daughter of Christ.

Lesson #1: Be Adventurous

Being a student-athlete in Nashville has its ups and downs. Being an athlete takes up almost all of my time and doesn’t allow me to explore as much as other students do. In the fall I wasn’t very adventurous and I stayed confined to my dorm room watching all 12 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy. But as spring semester came around and the stress became an all-time high, becoming adventurous was the only thing that was helping me get away from the stress. Adventure has opened my eyes to a new world with unique and beautiful characteristics. I explored numerous coffee shops, bought a hammock (so I’d make myself become adventurous :)) and went out of my comfort zone to experience the world. I promise it is worth every minute of your time.

Lesson #2: Believe in Myself

“I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.” -Philippians 4:13

I know many people use this bible verse, but the words that are written are so true. Throughout this past softball season I did not believe in myself. I struggled hitting the ball off of pitchers I could’ve crushed in high school. I doubted myself and my ability to be there for my team when they truly needed me. All of this struggle came from self doubt. But as this bible verse runs through my head over and over again I think, why did I ever doubt myself?! Christ is going to give me the strength I need to get through this, to get through the negative thoughts Satan is putting into my head. Doubting myself was the worst but best lesson I could’ve learned this year. It grew my relationship with Christ and grew the confidence I have in myself. And today I am UNSTOPPABLE.

Lesson #3: Cherish Every Moment

Recently one of my best friends and roommate found out her dad has cancer. I watched her work through the pain of the devastating news and she was as strong as I could ever see someone in her situation be. She powered through her finals and finished off her freshman year of softball with the best smile she could put on. Her and her family have taught me to cherish every moment in life. You never know what’s going to hit you in life and some things will stay and some things will go. I’ve learned that things like this do not make sense in life and you aren’t sure why God put them there, but there is truly a reason for everything and I agree with that statement whole heartedly. I’ve learned to cherish the good and bad moment. To cherish the moments with my family, boyfriend, friends and strangers who I may create a lasting relationship with. I’ve learned to cherish the struggles in life because they will only make me stronger down the road. I’ve learned to cherish the deep and meaningful talks with someone who is struggling or those minute long hugs full of tears and heartache. We all go through difficult and joy-filled moments in life, but cherish every moment and life will become a lot sweeter. Thank you to the Powell family for teaching me that.♡

P.s. I ask if you could please pray for the Powell family and this journey they are going through.


School…where to begin. It is stressful, there are midterms and finals, no sleep is required and the list goes on and on. But what’s school without a little fun involved? Our fun this year was a little interesting. My roommate and I did the condom challenge that took about 30 tries but we finally got it and when we did the halls were roaring with our excitement. Dorm life isn’t complete without the midnight chocolate chip pancakes or hallway olympics. Living in Nashville created fun times for everyone, but for us it was singing karaoke at Lonnie’s, playing on an adult playground and running all around the city on a scavenger hunt. The list could go on and on. Studies are important and so is practicing to become the best player you can be, but I’ve learned that having fun is a necessity and also makes studying a little less boring 😊

The lessons I have learned this past year can now make an impact in my life and make me an all around better person. I hope that this has helped spark a couple thinking bubbles for you to reflect over as well!

I hope all is well and HAPPY SUMMER MY PEOPLE!!

theWhitness ✌