Worth the Wait.

Recently I have been in many conversations about relationships where girls are wishing and wanting that special someone to come along in their lives. They feel as if they are in a part of their lives that they need a relationship and want to share life with someone. I’ve been there before as well. I have wished for that “perfect” guy to come along and sweep me off my feet to where I would show interest in anyone who showed interest in me.

Around a year ago I found that is not what I needed or wanted in my life. God showed me His glorious light, and as I followed His lead throughout this amazing life, He would lead me to the right person…and He did. I have been blessed with an amazing boyfriend who treats me like a princess, constantly makes me laugh and smile, someone who I can be weird and goofy with. He is someone who is constantly there for me, keeping me positive when things get tough, someone who will dance with me even though he has two left feet, someone who shares my same obsession of coffee and breadsticks with me and the list goes on and on. But he is also one of the most genuine people I know and most importantly leads me and supports me to a Christ filled life and relationship. And I must say…It was definitely worth the wait.

So ladies, any man would be lucky to get to call you his, show you off to the world, hold your hand through the tough times in life, kiss you whenever he wants and share those goofy moments and crazy obsessions with you. God looks at you as a 10 through His perfect eyes and you deserve a 10 in a man who is going to treat you with respect and honor. Any man that is going to take you away from your relationship with Christ is not worth your time or effort. You are all beYOUtiful, courageous and inspiring women. Take the time and wait for this “perfect” man of yours. God will not let you down when He hand picks him for you.

I am not going to tell you that this waiting will be easy or fun for that matter. You’ll experience times where all your friends will be in relationships or you feel lonely, but I promise you that it is so so worth it. So as you wait and maybe wait a little longer, grow in your relationship with Christ. Become an even better version of yourself. Get comfortable in the skin God has given to you. Become the woman you want to be for your husband someday. Be that selfless woman who will always be there to cherish life’s moments with your future hubby ☺️ You are all so amazing… I pray that you all believe so too!

“Blessed is the man who found a girl that loves God more than him, and bless is the girl who found a man that waits for her and asks her from God.”

theWhitness ♡