Hey Guys, I’m Whitney!


Hey guys, I’m Whitney! I am a college student at Tennessee State University located in Nashville, TN and living the dream of playing college softball. One of my most dominant characteristics is being outgoing. I enjoy getting to know new people and creating lasting relationships. Because of this characteristic I have decided to major in communications in hopes of pursuing a career in sideline reporting.

I have created this blog for faith, softball and coffee. Weird combination huh?

One of my new years resolution was to become a better Christian and I thought I’d share experiences, lessons, verses and many more faith-based topics to encourage my readers along their journeys.

Not many people get the inside scoop of what it is like to play a Division 1 sport, so I’d like to take you on a journey behind the scenes of some funny, serious, encouraging and family based experiences of what it’s like to be a Tiger.

Coffee. This is a weakness of mine. I enjoy roaming the city of Nashville finding cozy, unique coffee shops to drink my coffee and study on my time off. So I’d like to give you a glimpse into the delicious encounters and their amazing stories behind how the coffee shops came to be.

I hope this has helped you understand me, as a person and writer, a little better and you will jump in on these crazy, fun experiences with me!

Love always,

theWhitness ✌

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